And so ……..

What to make of it all?  Trying to characterize this busy trip of over 900 miles through 3 states and at least 12 stops (not including hotels) is a real challenge.


Best to use the words of the 23 people from Michigan and Illinois who made the journey:  onions, 18-hour day, drought, dust, new acquaintances, new houses, population explosion…. labor wanted, sheep crossing, pelt puller, enlightening, overwhelming, Rocky Mountain high, hurray – Jim’s OK, heavy carcass, large feedlots, teeth!, water… endless, wild horses, better understanding, black bears,stewardship, permits, desolate, 50%, lack of water, fiber works, interconnected…  elevation, strong finish, ORV, enterprising, family business, scenic views, risk taker, sheep camp, tourism, hospitality, influential, the land!

Those of you who made the trip – please weigh in with your comments (not on the blog),  but on the value of making the trip.  What did you get out of this journey?  Was it worth your time and money?

A big “Thank You” to all of you who came.  Everyone participated fully and the traveling experience couldn’t have been better.  What a great and flexible crew!  And a huge “Thank You” to all of our hosts.  Our memories of the west will forever be colored by the hospitality we met wherever we stopped.


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